Render by: Edwin Maliakkal​


RB 2020

Meet the Winners

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

First Prize winner

We would like to introduce you to the winner of the 1st prize “Render Battle 2020” competition – Edwin Maliakkal from United Kingdom. His graphic is titled – “The Fifth Orchestration: Debate Chamber”.

Edwin Maliakkal

I am a self-taught artist who hails from a small town in Kerala, India. I completed my Bachelors in Architecture from the University of Nottingham.

“True art is a window into the transcendent” – Jordan Peterson, and to me, true architecture is the experience of the transcendent. There is something fundamental about architecture that resonates with the Soul. Perhaps it maybe the emotional response it elicits, or perhaps, it is hope. We are very much at a point in time when architects all over the world are starting to question how architecture is being experienced in this current climate.

The light may reveal the fine dust that has settled on the floor and the ants may dance across the room, the air within it maybe stale, and yet, we can experience the corridors of Barcelona Pavilion with life it once had through a virtual world.

As more buildings can be explored virtually, I think of how our perception of architecture is being altered. My approach to architectural design has been an attempt to understand how we experience architecture and how this is being affected by technology. In my work, I have tried to revisit the sentiments of a hand drawing and combine it with the intriguing forms created in a digital medium to conjure up a dreamlike reality.

Architecture is a reflection of the condition of society we live in. Therefore, it is crucial for architects to not only contemplate the existing lifestyles, but also, to enhance the overall experience of it. It is worth remembering the words spoken by Winston Churchill, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”

Architecture competitions have always played a significant role in progressing the profession. Much like a school, it provides a testing ground to experiment and push the boundaries of architecture, which in a real world situation would be extremely difficult. I enjoy competitions as they challenge me and my perception.

Second Prize winner

We would like to introduce you to the winner of the 2nd prize of “Render Battle 2020” competition – Anoovab Deka from United Kingdom.

Anoovab Deka

I was born in India, and after graduating from school I decided to pursue Architecture. Having completed my bachelors in Birmingham City University, i worked in a small interior design firm for a couple of months before i got my masters degree in Oxford Brookes university. My final thesis project was awarded several school awards and was nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal.

I worked at a small architecture practice in London, with whom i was involved in several small to medium sized projects, which helped me understand and tackle the real life necessities of the job. Currently i have been working as an Architectural Assistant at Fletcher Priest Architects in London, for the past year and a half, in larger, extremely interesting projects. Within the firm i am also part of a newly organised Sustainability team. The team’s sole focus is to analyze the Embodied Carbon in the built environment, with an emphasis on our ongoing and completed projects. The next step will be to focus on how we can go about minimizing this impact.

I am currently also pursuing my Part 3 studies.

Architecture to me, means the creation of space and form, with people, at its core centre. How the form evolves, with the use of natural phenomenon i.e light, wind, and how it manages to create a harmonious space/shelter for society and its functionalities are key drivers to any piece of art and architecture.

With the world in its current state, the role of the architect has morphed into a huge support system for a much larger picture aimed solely towards the greater good. In an increasingly divisive climate, the architect is an important piece of the larger puzzle, in providing a shelter, for people to come together.

It keeps the creative senses active and makes me learn about different elements that I would normally not encounter.

Third Prize winner

We would like to introduce you to the winners of the 3rd prize of “Render Battle 2020” competition – Tai Zheng Wei & Toh Koon Theng from Malaysia. Their graphic is titled – “Noah’s Ark”.

Tai Zheng Wei & Toh Koon Theng

The taitohshowcase team consists of two members from Malaysia – Tai Zheng Wei and Toh Koon Theng. We are graduate degree students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Both of us are currently architecture apprentices during the day but architecture vigilante during the night. 

To us, Architecture is the showcase of the depth of our insight. The role of an architect can vary from the great artist to community’s problem solver, whereas the work of an architect always brings a sense of space and support to the society. The better question is, how does the society give appreciation to an Architect?

Taking part in different architecture competitions is about exposing ourselves in a larger platform where we can develop our skills and networking. Being able to see others’ works of passion and get inspiration from them is also what drives us to compete.