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Alternate Realities: Mars Homes

Edition #3 - Results


Alternate Realities – the world’s most experimentative architecture competition is back with its 3rd edition. This year’s theme is – MARS HOMES.

“Mars is there, waiting to be reached.”

– Buzz Aldrin

This competition exists in an alternate reality.
The year is 2091.

Life on Mars is no longer science fiction but an inevitable reality. Years of indiscriminate exploitation of Earth’s natural resources has pushed climate change to a point where it can no longer be reversed. Mass extinctions have become common. The only way to save the human species is to establish a settlement on Mars. All the space agencies of the world – NASA, ESA, SpaceX, ISRO, etc. – have joined hands to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars.

However, life on Mars would have its own set of challenges. Its atmosphere is composed primarily of carbon dioxide (about 96%). Ultraviolet and other forms of intense radiation bathe the surface because Mars has a thin atmosphere and no active magnetic field to protect it. The temperature on Mars can be as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) or as low as about -225 degrees Fahrenheit (-153 degrees Celsius). The atmospheric pressure at the surface of Mars is only about 0.6 percent of Earth’s.

You have been called in to design homes for the first human residents on The Red Planet. You are the architect of Mars!

Falcon Heavy, SpaceX
Falcon Heavy, SpaceX

First Prize Winner

Jakub Pietryszyn

Coral Pod


pods are on proper locations to create first settlement. these inflatable structures look like organic metaballs!
after full acceptance of district plans we have finally completed second phase of deployment, well.. it was easier than the first one, growing system for ‘shrooms’, activated…

it started disastrous… today we’ve had a small fire in our workspace room, caused by some disintegrity in system cables. i’m glad that we were able to extinguish it before it could spread, our mycelium layer was damaged, i’m tired…

we’ve noticed that thanks to cyanobacteria our windows adjusted to the sun. what is more, fungi burned in fire is fully healed! it feels like our home lives! and it’s intelligent!

today our bio-squad presented a concept of covering our ‘blobs’ with additional layer containg water/ice martian soil mixture, maybe we will be able to grow martian
“shrooms on our house? i’m in!

wow! i was so busy with my research of martian fungi that grows on elevation, that i haven’t noticed how life changed here in ‘coral district’.. my friend told me that currently there are almost 2 thousand of people living here! unbelievable…

Jury Comments

“The profound research in material science led to an original solution and interesting composition in addition to the level of details in the study.”

“Innovative way to use fungus on Mars, the diagram is very clear and presentation is stunning.”

Second Prize Winner

Yunjun Choi, SunYup Kim, MingZhu Li & JiHyun Kim
South Korea

Je100 Martian Home

Dear Potential Client,

What would you do if the Earth was to be destroyed right now? Do you have a plan in mind? If not, your best alternative choice could be Mars, the planet ready to meet all human needs. How about starting your new life on January 31, 2091, at Je100 Martian Home?

Your life on Mars has been meticulously planned. The TBM from Earth, scientifically certified and ready for use, will keep you and your family safe from solar rays and sandstorms. TBM-produced residence, at Jezero Crater, will offer you the most resourceful and safe place on Mars.

The greenery and hydroponic system near your community space will not only provide you with an earthlike environment but also a sustainable food supply. The special glass created from the Martian resource, silica, lets you and your plants enjoy the sunlight while protecting you from harmful rays.

A sufficient amount of oxygen will be supplied by MOXIEs, which are installed on the rims of the windows, seamlessly converting the abundant CO2 on Mars into breathable oxygen. Also, the rings surrounding the entire tunnel will provide you with any resources you may need at an instance.

To ensure the sustainability of the community, by-products of TBM will be reused as construction materials for 3D printing and energy resources after going through a thorough distillation process.

We are now offering free furnishing of personalized add-in furniture for those who pre-register for the Mars move-in plan! Pre-register now and enjoy the full benefits of this promotion!

It’s not 0 anymore, full of opportunity. Je 100 Martian Home

With Pride and Trust
Je100 Development Group

Jury Comments

“The innovation in the reuse of the tunnel boring machine is original and resulted in feasible solution.”

Third Prize Winner

Myung Goan Shin & Jaeeun Choi
South Korea

Expansion: Our Home

Human advancement to Mars can be seen as the beginning of a new human race. Until they settle down properly, they will be used to life and environment on Earth, and they need to adapt to unfamiliar environments.

We need to provide an Earth-like environment for early Martians and help them make progressive adaptations from Earth to Mars. The biggest difference between Earth and Mars would be plants. The stability and vitality of ‘green’ to us are widely known. The absence of this will take a toll on the migrants on Mars. We have placed plants throughout residential facilities that can feel the nostalgia of the Earth and equipped them to grow well.

Since humans began civilization, we have expanded our personal and social domains, such as caves for survival, tribes, and cities where a lot of knowledge is created while protecting our territory. As we have achieved so far in Mars. where we will settle down, we will constantly expand our personal and social domains and live by adapting.

This designer intends to limit the residential units on Mars that can satisfy these human instincts.

To this end, adaptation was expressed in three main stages. It was planned to divide into stages of adaptation, stages of connection with the surroundings, and stages of settlement on Mars by forming a city, and expand the individual’s space and social space to think about in each stage.

Jury Comments

“This project has a simple logic and beautiful presentation. It is a great marriage between practicality and good proportion.”

Honorable Mention

Thomas Goessler
United Kingdom

Jury Comments

“The diagram of how to make the material and harvest oxygen and energy is very clear. The design is both practical and beautiful. The plant wall below the skylight is a nice thing to have for people far away from planet earth.”

Honorable Mention

Sun Yifu & Shu Zhang

Jury Comments

“The Practicality and feasibility of the project is rational. The design structure process is well studied which led to a real life scenario in addition to the hierarchy in the growth of the habitat was remarkable.”

Honorable Mention

Hong Yewon, Kim SuJin & Han Yoona
South Korea

Jury Comments

“The use of mold as a construction material with the aerogel makes this solution both interesting and feasible.”

“Good presentation and story.”

Honorable Mention

Chiara Centoducati, Hanlin Stuer, Valeria Mastroianni & Giovanni Cuguttu

Jury Comments

“This design is very thoughtful about the phases of human settlements on Mars. The folding structure is interesting, is it assumed that these are built and sent from Earth in the early stage of exploration? If they are produced on Mars with local materials, will the folding still be useful?”

Honorable Mention

Yunze Li, Yusen Wang, Ruoxin Tan & Jingzhi He
United Kingdom

Jury Comments

“The translucent outer skin will enable natural light to enter the habitable zone which is in alignment with the necessity of the circadian rhythm and creates the buffer zone. Further study should be conducted toward the outer skin material.”

“Simple and clear layout, nice presentations.”

Honorable Mention

Surya Vasudevan, Pogadadanda Dheeraj Kumar, Rakshana Aravindan & Shruthi Sivakumar

Jury Comments

“A deep delve into how to create daylight and energy in Mar’s natural tunnel, more emphasis could be put on the living units and how lighting is distributed through the dome.”

Honorable Mention

Bryce Jarman, Sally Huang, Megan Baker & Liam Ryan

Jury Comments

“A very straightforward solution to have a bubble covering living area on Mars.”

Honorable Mention

Malequi Picazo

Honorable Mention

Md. Jarif Alam, Tanjena Omar Feeha, Sadiq Saleh Prottoy & Adiba Zaman

Honorable Mention

Elnikov Ivan, Smyr Amir, Nikulova Veronika & Luneva Ekaterina

Jury Comments

“Good programming and layout with abstract exterior shape. It would be more logical if relating the crack of an egg with the building technology behind it, for example, can egg shell structure help with the 3d printing?”

Shortlisted - Top 30

Out of all the path-breaking works received for ‘Alternate Realities #3: Mars Homes’, only the choicest 30 could make it to the final round of evaluation. Scroll down to explore the other shortlisted Top 30 designs!

Hanyue Yin, Wenbing Mi, Leyang Ma & Yian Shi

Kongphat Phaiboonnukulkij, Kolatat Phaiboonnukulkij & Panida Teerapittayatorn
United Kingdom

Jury Comments

“The design is practical with components listed out clearly.”

Marjan Pourmalek

Gladkikh Aristarkh Andreevich, Zharkova Nadezhda Vladimirovna & Nikolai Gedevanishvili Borisovich

Jury Comments

“Good hand sketch to show the form development. However, the reasoning behind the form is lacking, is it formed by the wind? Are those ridges structural? By answering these questions, more logic could be revealed from the design.”

Kelvin Andrean, Wesly Chandra & Fabian Kurniawan

Jury Comments

“Putting settlements on lava tube is an innovative idea on harvesting energy for daily use. Great presentations!”

Jeong Jun Hyeok, Lee Chae Eun, Kim Seo Hyun & Lee Min Tae
South Korea

Jakub Knapek & Anna Kordaszewska

Wenyi Zhu

Jury Comments

“This project has a large scope integrating Mars craters. The presentation is appealing and clear, but more reasonings could be put into the man-made lake and how people can access it.”

Manav Sheth

SiEun Kim, SuJi Jeong, HyeonwiKim & YuJeong Park
South Korea

Jury Comments

“Thorough thinking and good presentation. However, the reason to pull up the units is not strong and clear.”

Adrian Carp & Ariton Dinu-Petrut

Jury Comments

“Good story telling and emotional scene, but the design of space could be clearer.”

Park Sungyun, Park Nagyeom, Ho Seungchan & Oh Tae-gyun
South Korea

Yakine Zerrad

Jung Giyoung & Shin Juneweon
South Korea

Ajinkya Ganesh Bhopi & Anushree Ravindra Marathe

何浩, 徐宁宇 & 蔡语馨

Yang Hee Joo, Choi Ae Young & Kim Se A
South Korea

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