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Call for Entries: Alternate Realities 2020

This competition exists in an Alternate Reality. You make the rules in this realm. Does gravity exist? Do humans live on Earth? How far has technology advanced? You decide!

The aim of this competition is to explore wild design ideas – what architecture truly means and what it can achieve without any constraints. Let your imagination run wild and create spectacular designs that grab the world’s attention. The intention is to spark a conversation regarding issues plaguing the world, through design dialogue.

Architecture is a unique amalgamation of the nuances of the art world and the pragmatism of the real world; therefore, it has the power to not only capture people’s imaginations, but also to strongly influence their lives. 

For the Alternate Realities competition, participants are required to design an architectural response to an issue that the world is facing – climate change, pandemics, biological warfare, nuclear proliferation, social inequality, etc. Your design doesn’t necessarily have to be a solution. It can also be a visual commentary. Your Architectural Response may fall anywhere on the Utopia – Dystopia spectrum. Remember, reality can be anything you want it to be in this realm.

  • Unleash your creativity – Surprise us!
  • Be critical – Say something about the world.
  • Striking visuals – Capture the imagination of architects and non-architects alike.
  • No design is too wild!


Mark Foster Gage, Michael Hansmeyer, Mond Qu, Adrian Welch, Kevin Veenhuizen


3 winning entries and 10 honorable mentions will be selected. theCharette will award a total of $2,000 (USD) in prize money to competition winners as follows:

  • First Prize: $ 1,000 (USD)
  • Second Prize: $ 600 (USD)
  • Third Prize: $ 400 (USD)
  • Honorable Mentions: The jury will choose up to 10 honorable mentions.

Type  Competition Announcement (Ideas)
Organizersthe Charette
EligibilityOpen to all
Registration DeadlineNov 25, 2020
Submission Deadline Nov 30, 2020
Fee$45 (USD)

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